Bridging The Gap With Embedded Finance

We catch up with The Fintech Times to discuss how embedded finance can ensure the chceckout experience becomes financially inclusive.

Sophie Flynn, our CFO and co-founder explains the importance of adaptation to ensure survival: “The rise of embedded finance in e-commerce checkouts poses both challenges and opportunities for traditional payment processors.

“As merchants increasingly integrate finance-related services directly into the checkout experience, it disrupts the conventional payment processing model.

“Traditional payment providers are now compelled to adapt and evolve their offerings to stay relevant. Many are partnering with embedded finance providers or developing their own integrated solutions to maintain a presence in the e-commerce ecosystem. This shift allows them to offer a more seamless and comprehensive payment experience to merchants, catering to the growing demand for embedded finance.”

"Currently, fintech providers are making progress in ensuring financial inclusivity by creating solutions that have the population of their target market at the core of their propositions. For example, focusing on mobile-first designs that cater to underbanked populations who may lack access to traditional banking services. Additionally, embedded finance is being leveraged to include solutions within payment processes that provide unbanked populations with more flexible payment options. Promoting financial literacy and transparency is crucial. This empowers consumers to make informed decisions about the financial services they use and how they use them. It ensures that individuals understand the terms, fees, and implications of financial products.

"When embedded finance solutions are seamlessly integrated into digital platforms (such as e-commerce, accounting software, or mobile apps), transparency becomes essential. Users need clear information about the financial services available to them. This benefits both parties as transparent communication builds trust. Users are more likely to engage with financial products when they feel informed and confident. Ultimately, the most successful embedded finance strategies will be those that proactively address financial inclusion from the ground up.

By supporting local financial institutions and centring equity alongside innovation, the checkout experience can be reimagined to work for all consumers, not just the privileged few"

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