European Instant Payments - Rapid Transfer

We’re excited to launch our brand new European instant payments solution – Rapid Transfer. With over 95% banking coverage across key European countries our new solution allows customers to pay instantly using their online banking details.

Available to merchants internationally enabling them to access the European market efficiently, the solution provides an alternative to card payments. Allowing merchants that use Rapid Transfer to take advantage of increased conversions and eliminate the processing fees typically associated with card payments.

Scott Major, Chief Commercial Officer at Nucleus365, said: “Many of our merchants have been asking for faster payment options for quicker settlements and to reduce card related fraud.

“Rapid Transfer eliminates those issues, to provide instant, secure, and a more automated way of accepting payments. Merchants who utilise Nucleus365 infrastructure will receive a centralised experience being able to settle directly into their Nucleus365 IBANs alongside real-time reconciliations.”

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