A centralised, unified platform for payment processing, back office treasury function and reconciliation purposes covering banking and acquiring. Nucleus365 is integrated to multiple banking providers and payment processors around the world.

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We are Nucleus365

We have identified a gap in the market where banking and payment processing are rarely aligned within the technology stack. We obtained our FCA licence with the specific intention of reducing friction and the need for a merchant to contract and seek out multiple providers for their various different requirements.

A simple integration to Nucleus365 will allow merchants to see their multi currency banking activity, instruct payments to suppliers and partners whilst receiving granular reconciliation reporting and data on the payment processing side. Nucleus365 has been designed to provide merchants with a full 360 view of their entire business, serving your needs through one unified experience.


Our International

Nucleus365 begins to address the challenge of centralising all of a merchant's needs be that localised payment processing in different parts of the world to reduce cross border fees, or the continual struggle to find stable banking solutions.

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